Yojak’s Authentic Kokan Chunda – Your Wholesome Mango Sweet Pickle

At Yojak, we are dedicated to preserving the time-honored culinary traditions of the Kokan region, and our Chhunda is a delicious testament to our commitment. Crafted from age-old recipes handed down through generations, our Chhunda is a true embodiment of Kokan’s rich heritage.

The Secret to Our Chunda’s Flavor

We start with the finest green mangoes, ensuring every bite bursts with the authentic taste of Kokan. Our meticulous preparation involves the artful combination of mango scrap, a hint of sugar, and a touch of chili blend. The result? A delectable pickle that marries the sweet and spicy notes in perfect harmony.

Why Choose Yojak’s Chunda: 

– Nutrition Meets Tradition: Yojak’s Chunda is more than just a pickle. It’s a nutritious treasure trove of Kokan’s finest ingredients, prepared to sate both your palate and your health-conscious conscience.

– A Sweet Chili Sauce Alternative: Looking for a healthier replacement for sweet chili sauce? Our Chhunda not only adds a delightful sweet and spicy kick to your meals but also offers the goodness of traditional Kokan flavors.

– Made with Love: Each jar of Yojak’s Chunda is a labor of love, with spices sourced from the very recipes that have been cherished by Kokan families for generations.

Savor the Taste of Kokan:

When you open a jar of Yojak’s Chunda, you’re not just enjoying a pickle; you’re savoring the culinary legacy of Kokan. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your meals, be it as a side, a condiment, or a flavor enhancer for your favorite dishes.

Join us in celebrating Kokan’s authentic flavors. Experience the taste of tradition, the taste of Yojak.

Order your Chunda today and embark on a journey through Kokan’s culinary heritage.

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