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Yojak Udyojak Program

Become a Yojak Distributor: Turn Your Home into a Hub of Premium Products

    • We invite both men and women to join us as Distributor Representatives for Yojak, bringing the finest products from our cherished brand to your doorstep.
    •  For becoming a Distributor Representative, you need to provide your complete name, address, and mobile number, along with a nominal registration fee of just Rs. 100/- (non-refundable). This amount will be returned to you within three months upon successful completion of your role.
    • Once you enroll a minimum of 10 and more individuals, you need to submit their details to the company, make a list, and deposit the respective amount as required.
    • Once the list and payment are submitted, the ordered products of your members will be delivered to your place. No extra charges will be applied for this service.
    • Upon receiving the combined order packet of all customers, Distributor Representatives are responsible for distributing the individual packages to each customer (Distributor Representative and customers), ensuring mutual satisfaction. No additional charges are to be collected from customers for this.
    • Distributor Representatives will receive a commission of 15% on the printed price of the orders placed by their customers, provided they get a 10% discount on the printed price of the products.
    • Regular suits provided by the company for customers must be sold by Distributor Representatives at the printed price to customers. This is mandatory.
    • Distributor Representatives must take the responsibility of regular customers of Yojak by promoting and making them regular customers, as well as providing them with the necessary product information and other printed materials.
  • Distributor Representatives are responsible for adhering to all the rules mentioned above.

For more information or to enroll, kindly contact as many people as possible associated with Yojak’s high-quality products and ensure the proper distribution of our offerings in your community.

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