Karvand pickle – Introducing Our Karvand Pickle – A Taste of Kokan Tradition

At Yojak, we take pride in preserving the rich culinary heritage of the Konkan region, nestled along the picturesque western coast of Maharashtra. Our journey is deeply rooted in the cherished recipes of our grandmothers, and we’ve taken these time-honored traditions to a whole new level.

Our Karvand Pickle is a delightful testament to the abundance of flavors that Kokan has to offer. Made with love and authenticity, this pickle encapsulates the essence of the region. Each jar is a result of our extensive research, hands-on creation, and meticulous manufacturing, all taking place right here in Kokan.

Karvand, or Indian Blackcurrant, is a beloved ingredient in Kokan cuisine, and our pickle brings out its natural goodness. Infused with the aromatic spices from traditional recipes, our Karvand Pickle is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Indulge in the unique and irresistible taste of Kokan with Yojak. Discover the authentic flavors of this beautiful coastal region in every bite of our Karvand Pickle.

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