Introducing Alphanso Amras – A Special Delight from Yojak!

Taste the Sunshine of Kokan with Yojak’s Authentic Alphanso Amras. Are you craving a taste of tradition, a sip of nostalgia, and a burst of natural goodness? Look no further than Yojak’s Alphanso Amras, a cherished gem from the heart of Kokan.

Experience the Essence of Kokan: Our Alphanso Amras is a pure reflection of Kokan’s rich culinary heritage. We’ve taken the timeless recipes passed down through generations, straight from your grandmother’s kitchen, and transformed them into a delightful, nutritious treat. Every sip is a journey back to the roots, a tribute to the flavors of Kokan.

Handpicked Alphonso Mangoes: We start with the finest Alphonso mangoes, plucked at their peak of ripeness. These succulent gems are known for their unparalleled taste and aroma, and we bring that Konkani magic to your table.

Pure and Nutritious: At Yojak, we believe in purity above all else. Our Alphanso Amras is most purest form of rich mangoes from konkan region! It’s a wholesome delight for your entire family, brimming with vitamins, minerals, and natural sweetness.

Versatile Enjoyment: Alphanso Amras isn’t just A dessert, it’s an experience. Enjoy it as a refreshing beverage on a warm summer’s day, drizzle it over your breakfast cereal, use it as a base for smoothies, or even add a dash to your curries for a Kokan twist.

Why Choose Yojak Alphanso Amras?

• Made with love and authenticity
• Preservative-free and 100% natural
• A perfect blend of tradition and nutrition
• Crafted from handpicked Alphonso mangoes
• The taste of Kokan in every drop

Discover the Magic of Kokan, One Sip at a Time: At Yojak, we’re committed to preserving the legacy of Kokan’s traditional recipes. Our Alphanso Amras is a testament to our dedication to quality and authenticity. Experience the sun-kissed flavors of Kokan with every sip.
Order your bottle of Alphanso Amras today and embark on a journey through Kokan’s culinary heritage!

Weight .400 kg


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