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About Founder

Nana BhideBeyond the spiritual source for the life, Mr. Nana Bhide has always considered His Divine Grace Swami Swroopanand of Pawas (Maharashtra, India) as his Metaphysical “GURU” for the path of enterprise. It has been a very fortunate fact for millions to have Swamiji’s grace, but when it comes to Nana’s relationship with Swamiji, it wasn’t only some give and take devotion; but a sacred trust and unconditional affection for the life time.

In the ebbs and the tides of the life, come what may; Nana has come up with perseverance and goodwill as a result of his utter trust in the constructive preachings of Swamiji. He has learnt from Swamiji that may it be the life or the business, loyalty and hard work with a social awareness bond, pay in the end.

Thus is the co-relation that is the undercurrent for this huge arena of business; and there is no denying the fact that what a man really earns is the goodwill and the blessings of such Divine Personalities !

Our Journey

The eyes are god-given but the sight has to be developed. And, ironically, some thing are so close to our eyes that we have to search for them. the same is true about the unending boundaries of nature which is unique feature of the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The untouched and perhaps unexplored miracles of nature from Konkan are the most delicious and nutritious boons to the mankind. And, I am not just proud of the rich Konkan traditions, but taking deliberate and sincere efforts to maintain them.

I ventured to take the opportunity to unfold the Konkan treasure to the world, as it has all the natural taste, color, flavor and nutritional values that we all want. Our objective has been to keep all these natural characteristics intact, yet to make them available to the consumers with a Yojak touch.

To achieve this, I had to undergo a vast research with all the possible minutes for about seven years. It was all about mainly the hereditary and time-tasted Konkan recepies. In the current age of junk-food and preserved food stuff, these recepies are, as I have proudly found, a gateway to a healthy life. Away from any chemical preservatives, the traditional recepies and procedures themselves are the finest preservative systems for the items, as they chiefly swell on maintaining all the natural qualities of the fruits even after the processing. Isn’t it something that we all want from any eatable ? A delicacy preserved without preservatives?

Yet beyond all the commercial interests, we have the ‘Konkan Farmer’ and his welfare at the core of all our actives. The simplicity and laborious nature that they have, are always evaluated in terms of both individual respect and financial gain to them. They always get the reasonable price for their supply, which results into the best raw material for us to collect. That’s why, I never compromise with quality maintenance.

With a wide perspective of the Konkan Development in our keeping, we have this pilot project. Because of the uniqueness of the project, it has been appreciated and accepted by all means by all means by the sensible and health-conscious consumers. The purchase of the raw material is again a very straight and transparent process with us. We never needed any mediator or any incentive oriented person in between ourselves and our dear farmers. We have our own infrastructure of both purchase and sale. Of course, the output of this autonomous marketing method is evident in the reasonable market prices of our products.

Without using the high terms of co-operative movements by establishing any co-operative society, we are successfully practicing nothing but pure co-operation since the beginning of our associate. We can proudly say that we are reaping the benefits of this in the form of the affectionate and trusting relationship with our farmer friends. We have fixed rates, down-cash payment system and even duplicate receipts for them. There is no wonder, that they offer their best to us.

We have been successful in altering the consumer view about certain items. e.g. the Kokam Syrup was considered to be just medicinal and therefore a thing to be swallowed whed our body needs it. Today, the Kokam Syrup served in a family gathering or a party is a thing to enjoy which is also the sign of the host’s good taste. This is true with many other products. The Karvand Jam, the Mango Bars, the Jackfruit Cakes, the Nachani Extract, the special Amla found only in the hilly regions, Kulith (a kind of pulse-‘Vetch’) extract, the Chilly Pickles, the Jamun Juice and the powder of its seeds are few of them. These items we produce have the highest nutritional counts with the natural taste which is a dream item for any calorie-conscious modern person.

But, it is a noteworthy fact that all the natural products we have, are based on such fruits which haven’t seen any single chemical fertilizer/fungicide/insecticide with, of course, the only exception of the Alphonso Mango. It’s a natural gallery of natural products.

Well, the proof of the pudding is in eating it! Our products will speak more about themselves once you taste them. And quality needs no explanation!! So, here you are with the world of the Konkan Treasure!!!