Kokum Syrup (कोकम सिरप)


This syrup is not synthetic. It is a drink-most natural. Take it daily, as it is conductive to health, checks acidity, enhances tastes and is very easy to prepare. It is pure and at the same time economical. Even a convalescent patient can drink it and can improve upon his appetite and taste. The ‘Kokam Sarbat’ especially restores weakness due to sleepless nights, heat and travel sickness, renders body pink with health. Can also be taken in the form of Ketchup and soup.



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Recipes From Kokam Syrup:
Take the liquid and water in the proportion of 1 : 7 and serve. Nothing needs to be added. Soda water or Butter milk are also good substitutes for water.

Take some green chillies, fresh coriander leaves, a piece of ginger, some salt to taste. Garlic can also be added. Pounce this mixture together and make it homogenious. Use it as a sause. It is a choice morsel with bread.

Take the liquid and water in the proportion of 1 : 9 Add few garcinia peels to it. Heat a spoonful of ghee, add jeera seeds and pour this into a soup when hot. Soup is ready. Serve it. It is equally tasty.

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